The Prosperous YOU, LLC

…where we help uncover the prosperous YOU!

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Who We Are


We believe that business owners and individuals should have time freedom and financial freedom. That’s where we come in! We exist to help business owners and individuals have time freedom and financial freedom by providing services that will free up time and help you with the finances needed to enjoy your newfound time!


Our vision is to become the #1 provider of virtual and in-person wealth and health services for small businesses and individuals who want to better manage their finances.


We are a Christian-based business that is committed to holistic wellness that increase credit scores and bank account balances as well as improve the health of others by providing 21st century small business bookkeeping services, business development and coaching services, career development, personal financial coaching, personal health coaching, as well as financial and health workshops.


S-T-R-I-V-E (We should always strive for a better version of ourselves)

Service (We are here to serve our clients)

Teamwork (It’s going to take teamwork to reach your goals)

Respect (We must have respect for each other as human beings and respect for each other’s time)

Integrity (We use our honesty and strong moral principles to build relationships)

Value Excellence (You can expect excellence in everything that I do)

Education (I believe that education is the foundation for growth in all areas of prosperity)