The Prosperous YOU, LLC

…where we help uncover the prosperous YOU!

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We are a Christian-based business that believes

when you put the Lord first in all things, everything else

falls into place. We believe that business owners and

individuals should have time freedom and financial

freedom. The freedom to grow your business and/or

focus on your family whenever you want!

Financial Freedom + Time Freedom=The Prosperous YOU!!!

With the right tools, anyone can live

a prosperous life! Prosperity means to be successful,

flourishing, or thriving…especially in

financial respects.

We focus on holistic wellness—spiritual, physical, and

financial—to get you there!


We treat every business and individual that we work

with as if they are diamonds regardless of religious affiliation. Diamonds represent

prosperity. They represent victory, superior strength,

and courage. It takes courage to take control of your life

in every way.

The diamond is the hardest substance

known on earth created by intense heat and pressure.

Going from level to level is hard work…

but diamonds are worth it!

We look forward to hearing from you!